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Nov 29 (Sagittarius)
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About me:
I'm a guy from freaking cold country called Finland. I hunt for living. Every morning I go for a hunt of Polar bears and try to catch one for my community that they would get food to eat and survive over the winter. The summer time is just normal for us, like it is for many of people in earth. I enjoy warm days and a nice lovey breeze during the summer days. In summer I feel like being a human :)
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The Greens of Finlan
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jarnopartanen (skype)
Sport and Im on/off person what comes to work out. Walking the dogs. The Second Life virtual world.
English language and culture. I like art and music also philosophy and ethics are interesting. Languages acqusition and learning. Writing the short stories and reviews.
Favorite Music:
Finnish rock, The script, G n R, Metallica...I've got a variable music taste, indeed!
Favorite TV Shows:
Frasier, Friends, True blood, Family guy, Simpson, CSI,
Favorite Movies:
Shawshank redemption, Inception, Forrest gump, Green mile, Titanic and Notting Hill. I like Woody Allen production and I like a lot of movies. I just mentionned a few of them
Favorite Books:
Most of my favorites book are from Finnish novelist, but e.g I've read Dan brown's production
Favorite Quotes:
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle-

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I like to do many kind of things. My interest to sport is changable, but I've got a few favorite sport to do quite regulary. Taekwondo and Taichi are my favorites and Taichi is a new hobby for me. I also like photograph, to go out with my camera and take pictures.

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